Improve your health through the medical effect of food


Ancient Wisdom

Accessible approach of innovative ancient knowledge. Achieves balance in the body through food. Eat based on your symptoms, not based what is considered to be “healthy”. Learn the therapeutic effects of each ingredient

Healing Recipes

Combine healthy foods with different energetic effects and flavours. Each ingredient supports different organs. Healthy and healing food is very individualized. Use easy-to-find ingredients from your local supermarket or farmers’ market.

Healthy Lifestyle

Sharing passion for good quality food. Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. Healthy can be tasty. Eat the rainbow, but in balance. Eat preferably organic, seasonal, and fresh whole food. Learn the therapeutic effects.

Your Needs

The main aim is the individualized diet. There is no one-fits-all approach. Your unique symptoms matter to us. You do not need suffer hopelessly. Prevent malnutrition and different types of diseases. Prioritize health.

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About US

Just Healing Food revolves around healthy food and how it can help people balance their body and improve or even completely change their quality of life. We were inspired by both our own health issues and that of others; we believe that choosing the right healthy foods for the individual is fundamental for improving quality of life. Healing food is based on a balanced diet, which is not focused on a purely vegetarian, vegan, or raw food diet. We are passionate not only about the food itself, but also about the healing benefits and energetic properties of the ingredients used. We also believe that what is good for one, may not be suitable for all. In our cooking we emphasise fresh, preferably whole foods and organic ingredients. We do not count calories, but instead concentrate on the overall healing effects of the meal.We hope to inspire you to reconsider your eating habits and take steps to improve yourlifestyle. We welcome you to engage in our philosophy and look forward to helping youachieve a happy and healthy way of life.


I wanted to lose some weight. Before the detox course, I felt sluggish and heavy. I felt tired all the time, and I had the feeling of always being hungry. During and after the detox, my energy level increased, and I started to feel so much better. I lost almost 7 kg in a few weeks; I reached my goal! I wasn’t familiar with many of the ingredients, and I did not eat them before. My biggest concerns were the sluggishness and heaviness and all the weight I put on during covid. I now feel much better, and I changed the way I look at food. I loved the treatment. It was clear and easy to follow. It worked very well for me, and I can absolutely recommend it!!


My goal was to restart my body to lose weight. I lost 5kg within the month of detoxing. No, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the ingredients so hadn’t eaten them before. However, I have now discovered some new foods that I like and will keep them as part of my diet.  I started to sleep better, didn’t feel as bloated. Overall, the detox course was challenging but in a good way. I enjoyed getting to know and taste different foods. I struggled to find some of the ingredients at times as I wasn’t familiar with the foods but with research, I found them. The detox was time consuming which became a little stressful towards the end as life was busy at the time. I also started to miss some of my old foods. Some of the habits I will continue.  I feel better in myself if I do this daily.


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